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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


Takedown Takeout Commitment
Takeout Loan Tandem Plan
Tangible Assets Tangible Capital
Tangible Equity Tangible Net Worth
Targeted Examination TARP
TARS Tax Abatement
Tax Deed Tax-Deferred Annuity
Tax-Deferred Income Tax-Deferred Investment
Tax Escalation Clause Tax-Exempt
Tax Lien Tax Participation Clause
Tax Sale Tax Savings
Tax-Sheltered Income Tax Sheltering
Tax Stop Clause Taxable Year
Teaser Rate Teller
Teller's Check Tenancy
Tenancy At Will Tenancy By The Entireties
Tenancy In Common Tenancy In Severalty
Tenant Tender Offer
Term Term Deposit
Term Loan Term Mortgage
Terms Testament
Testamentary Account Testate
Testator Testatrix
TFR Third-Party Origination
Three-Flat Thrift
Thrift Administration Review Program (Tarp) Thrift Bulletin
Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board (Tdpob) Thrift Financial Report (Tfr)
Thrift Industry Thrift Information Exchange System (Ties)
Thrift Institution Tick
Tier 1 Capital Tier 1 Risk-Based Capital Ratio
TIES Time Activity Reporting System (Tars)
Time Deposit Time Sharing
TIMS Title
Title Binder Title Company
Title Defect Title Insurance
Title Report Title Search
Torrens System Tort
Tortfeasor Totten Trust Account
Town House Township
Tract Tract House
Trade Trade Date
Trader Trading Account
Tranche Transaction
Transaction Account Transfer Agent
Transfer And Stamp Taxes Transfer Of Ownership
Transfer Tax Transit Number
Traveler's Check Treasury Bill (T-Bill)
Treasury Bond Treasury Certificate
Treasury Index Treasury Note
Treasury Securities Treasury Stock
Tri-Party Agreement Triplex
TRO True Lease
Truncation Trust
Trust Account Trust Agreement
Trust Deed Trust Fund
Trust Indenture Trustee
Trustor Truth-In-Lending
Truth In Lending Act Turnkey Project
TWA Two-Step Mortgage
Two- To Four-Family Property  


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