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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


S And L SA
SACS Safe Deposit Box
Safety And Soundness Exam SAIF
Sale Sale-Buyback
Sale-Leaseback Sales
Sallie Mae SAM
Satisfaction Of Mortgage Save
Savings Savings & Community Bankers Of America
Savings Account Savings Account Loan
Savings And Loan Association Savings Association
Savings Association Insurance Fund (Saif) Savings Association Trade Executive
Savings Bank Savings Certificate
Savings Flow Savings Inflows
Savings Institution Savings Liability
Savings Outflows Sawbuck
SBA Sba Export Express
Sba Loan Sba Lowdoc
SCD Scheduled Items
Scoping An Exam Score
Scratch Sdb Program
SEA Seasoned Mortgage
SEC Second Mortgage
Secondary Market Secondary Mortgage Market
Section Secured
Secured Loan Secured Party
Securities Act Of 1933 Securities And Exchange Commission (Sec)
Securities Exchange Act Of 1934 (Sea) Securities Market
Securitization Security
Security Agreement Security Deposit
Security Instrument Security Interest
Security Interest In Household Goods Seed Money
Seisin Seizure
Self-Check Self-Liquidating
Seller Carry-Back Seller-Servicer
Seller's Market Selling Group
Selling Price Selling Short
Senior Mortgage Senior Securities
Serial Bond Service Bureau
Service Charge Service Corporation
Service Life Servicer
Servicing Servicing Contract
Setback Lines Settlement
Settlement Costs Settlement Day
Settlement Statement Settling
Settlor Severally
SFAS Share
Shared-Appreciation Mortgage (Sam) Shared Equity Loan
Shareholder Shares Outstanding
Shave Shelf Registration
Sheriff's Deed Short
Short Covering Short Position
Short Term Short-Term Deposits
Sight Draft Signature Card
Silver Certificate Simple Interest
Simple Interest Rate Loan Single Entry
Single-Family Dwelling Sinking Fund
Site Value Situs
Skip Skip-Payment Clause
Skiptracing Sky Lease
SLMA Slow Consumer Credit
Slow Loan Small Business Administration (Sba)
Small Business Development Center (Sbdc) Small Business Innovation Research (Sbir) Contract
Small Business Investment Act Small Business Investment Company (Sbic)
Small Business Technology Transfer Program (Sttr) Small Disadvantaged Business Concern
Small Disadvantaged Business (Sdb) Small Saver Certificate
Solvency Solvent
SOP Source Document
Sources And Uses Of Funds Statement SPC
Special Assessment Special Assessment District
Special Mention Special Series Program
Specie Specific Valuation Allowance
Specification Code Speculation
Spendthrift Provision Spin Off
Split Split-Rate Account
Spot Delivery Spot Market
Spot Zoning Spousal Ira
Spread Squatter
Stale-Dated Check Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (Smsa)
Standard Program Standby Commitment
Standby Letter Of Credit STARS
Starts State-Chartered Association
Statement Statement Of Changes In Financial Position
Statement Of Condition Statement Of Financial Accounting Standards (Sfas)
Statement Of Operations Statement Savings
Statute Step-Up Bond
Stock Stock Association
Stock Certificate Stock Dividend
Stock Exchange Stock Split
Stock Split-Down Stockbroker
Stockholder Stop Payment Order
Story Straight-Line Depreciation
Striking Price Stripped Mortgage-Backed Securities
Structured Notes Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae)
Subcontractor Subdivision
Sublease Subordinate Financing
Subordinated Debt Subordination Clause
Subrogation Subscribe
Subscriber Subscription
Subsidiary Subsidize
Substandard Suburb
Sum-Of-The-Digits Depreciation Sunset
Sunshine Act Super Now Account
Superstructure Supervised Lender
Supervisory Agent Supervisory Agreement
Supervisory Conversion Supervisory Goodwill
Supervisory Merger Surcharge
Surety Bond Surplus
Survey Survey Of Savings Capital
SVA Swap
Sweat Equity Sweep
Syndicate Syndicated Loan


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