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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


RAM Range Bonds
RAP Rate Cap
Rate Intermediation Rate Lock
Rate Of Exchange Rate Of Return
Rate-Sensitive Rating
Raw Land RD
RDD Reaffirmation Agreement
Real Accounts Real Assets
Real Estate Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Investment Trust (Reit) Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (Remic)
Real Estate Owned (Reo) Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
Real Property Realtor
Receipt Receivables
Receiver Receivership
Recession Reconciliation
Reconveyance Recorder
Recording Recourse
Recourse Servicing Redacted
Redeem Redemption Of Accounts
Redevelopment Redlining
REFCORP Refinance Transaction
Refinancing Regs
Regulation Regulatory Accounting Practices (Rap)
Regulatory Bulletin Regulatory Capital
Regulatory Plan Rehabilitation
Reinstatement Reinvestment
REIT Release
Remainderman Remaining Balance
Remaining Term REMIC
Remittance Removal And Prohibition (R&P) Order
Remuneration Renegotiable Rate Mortgage (Rrm)
Rent Rent Loss Insurance
REO Reorganization
Repayment Plan Replacement Cost
Replacement Reserve Fund Replevin
Report Of Examination (Roe) Repossession
Reprice Repurchase Agreement (Repo)
Rescission Of Contract Reserve
Reserved Account Residential
Resolution Funding Corporation (Refcorp) Resolution Trust Corporation (Rtc)
Resolved RESPA
Restrictive Covenant Retail Repos
Retained Earnings Retirement Cd
Return On Assets Return On Average Assets
Return On Equity Return On Investment
Returned Check Revenue
Revenue Bond Reverse Annuity Mortgage
Reverse-Annuity Mortgage (Ram) Reverse Repurchase Agreement
Revocable Trust Revolving Credit
Revolving Credit Account Revolving Debt
RICO Right Of First Refusal
Right Of Foreclosure Right Of Ingress Or Egress
Right Of Redemption Right of Rescission
Right Of Survivorship Right Of Way
Riparian Riparian Rights
Risk Risk-Based Capital
Ritzy Maes ROA
ROE Roll Over
Rollover Round Lot
Routing And Transit Numbers R&P
Rule Of 78s Rules Of The Class
Run Rural Housing And Community Development Service


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