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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


PAC Package Provision
Paper Profit Par
Par Value Parity
Parity Clause Partial Payment
Partially Amortizing Loan Participation
Participation Certificate (Pc) Participation Loan
Partnership Party Wall
Pass-Through Security Passbook
Passbook Account Passbook Loan
Past Due Past Due Loan
Patent Pay
Payables Payee
Payer Payment
payment cap Payment Change Date
Payoff Payoff Statement
PCCR Penalty Clause
Penny Stocks Pension Fund
Percentage Interest Margin Percolation Test
Perfecting A Title Performance Bond
Performance Code Performing Loan
Period Certain Period Of Redemption
Periodic Payment Cap Periodic Rate Cap
PERK Permanent Lender
Permanent Loan Perpetual Preferred Stock
Personal Check Personal Identification Number (Pin)
Personal Loan Personal Property
Pipeline PITI
PITI Reserves Pl 104-121 Or Public Law 104-121 (Regulatory Fairness)
Pl 104-135 Or Public Law 104-135 (Hubzone) Pl 106-50 Or Public Law 106-50 (Veterans)
Pl 85-536 Or Public Law 85-536 (The Sba Act) Pl 85-699 Or Public Law 85-699 (Investment)
PLAM Planned Amortization Class
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Plat
Pledged Account Mortgage (Pam) Pledged Loan
PO Point
Pollution Control Loan Program Ponzi Scheme
Pool Portfolio
Position Postal Money Order
Posting Power Of Attorney
Pre-Approval Pre-Qualification
Preauthorized Payment Preexisting Use
Prefabricated Housing Preferred Debt
Preferred Lender Program (Plp) Preferred Stock
Preliminary Examination Response Kit (Perk) Premium
Prepayment Prepayment Clause
Prepayment Penalty Prequal
Prescriptive Code Present Value Cost
Preservation Of Capital Price
Price-Level-Adjusted Mortgage (Plam) Prima Facie
Primary Dealer Primary Market
Prime Rate Principal
Principal Balance Principal Basis
Principal, Interest, Taxes, And Insurance (PITI) Principal Office
Principal Only (Po) Prior Lien
Private Enterprise Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Private Placement Private Sector
Pro Forma Statement Pro Rata
Probate Problem Institution
Profit Profit And Loss Statement
Profit Center Accounting Program Trading
Progress Payment Promissory Note
Property Property Appraisal
Property Tax Proprietorship
Prorate Prospectus
Proxy Public Auction
Public Sector PUD
Punch List Purchase Accounting
Purchase Agreement Purchase-Money Mortgage
Purchase Money Transaction Purchase Option
Purchased Credit Card Relationships (Pccr) Purchased Mortgage Servicing Rights (Pmsr)
Purchasing Power Put


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