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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


M1 M2
Macroeconomics Maintenance Costs
Maker Mandatory Delivery
Manufactured Home Margin
Mark To Market Mark To The Market
Market Market Data Approach To Value
Market Maker Market Research
Market Value Market Value Of Portfolio Equity (Mvpe)
Marketability Marketable Securities
Marketable Title Markup
Master Deed Master In Chancery
Master Plan Insurance Maturity
Maturity Amount Maturity Intermediation
Maturity Mix MBS
Mechanic's Lien Members
Merged Credit Report Merger
Merger-Conversion Merit Increase Decision System (Mids)
Metes And Bounds Metropolitan Statistical Area (Msa)
Microeconomics Microloan Program
MIDS Military Indulgence
Mill Minimum Gross Yield
Minimum Servicing Spread Mint
Mobile Home Mobile Home Loan
Modification Modification Agreement
Modular House Monetarist
Monetary Asset Monetary Liability
Money Money Market
Money Market Certificate Money Market Deposit Account (Mmda)
Money Market Fund Money Order
Monopoly Monopsony
Moot Moratorium
Morris Plan Bank Mortgage
Mortgage-Backed Bonds Mortgage-Backed Passthrough Securities
Mortgage Banker Mortgage Bond
Mortgage Broker Mortgage Derivative
Mortgage Discount Mortgage Insurance (MI)
Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) Mortgage Interest
Mortgage Life And Disability Insurance Mortgage Life Insurance
Mortgage Loan Mortgage Loans Outstanding
Mortgage Note Mortgage Origination
Mortgage Participation Mortgage Pool
Mortgage Portfolio Mortgage Revenue Bonds
Mortgage Servicing Mortgage Servicing Rights
Mortgage Take Back Mortgage Term
Mortgagee Mortgagor
Multidwelling Units Multifamily Structure
Municipal Bond Muniment Of Title
Mutual Association Mutual Capital Certificate
Mutual Fund Mutual Holding Company
Mutual Savings Bank MVPE


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