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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


ICR Illiquid
Immediate Purchase Contract Implied Warranty
Impound Impound Account
Imprest Fund Improved Real Estate
Improvements In Fee
In-Fill Housing In The Money
Inactive Account Inalienable
Inchoate Inchoate Courtesy
Inchoate Dower Income
Income Approach To Value Income Beneficiary
Income Capital Certificate (Icc) Income Limits
Income Property Income Property Loan
Income Statement Income Stock
Income-To-Debt Ratio Incorporeal
Incorporeal Property Incubator
Indebtedness Indefeasible
Indemnify Indemnity
Indenture Independent Audit
Index Index Amortizing Note (Ians)
Indirect Loan Individual Account
Individual Minimum Capital Requirement (Imcr) Individual Retirement Account (Ira)
Industrial Bank Industrial Revenue Bond
Industry Condition Report (Icr) Infirmity
Inflation Ingress
Inheritance Tax Initial Closing
Initial Public Offering (Ipo) Injunction
Inner City Insider
Insolvency Insolvent
Installment Installment Credit
Installment Loan Institution
Institutional Lender Instrument
Instrumentality Insufficient Funds
Insurance Insured Closing Letter
Intangible Asset Inter-American Development Bank
Interest Interest Cap
Interest Credited Interest Earned
Interest Margin Interest Only (Io)
Interest Paid Interest Rate
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Spread
Interest Rate Swap Interest Rates Applicable To Sba Loans
Interim Loan Interlocking Directorate
Intermediation International Bank For Reconstruction And Development
International Monetary Fund (Imf) Intestate
Intrinsic Value Inventory Loan
Inverse Floater Investment
Investment Banker Investment Company
Investor Invoice
Involuntary Lien IO
Irrevocable Trust ISDA


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