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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


Gap Financing Gap Management
Garnishment Gazebo
GEM General And Administrative Expenses (G&A)
General Contractor General Ledger
General Obligation Bonds General Partner
General Reserves General Valuation Allowance
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Gaap) Gentrification
Gestor Gift
Ginnie Mae Glass-Steagall Act
GNMA Gnomes
Gnomes Of Zurich GNP
Going Long Going Short
Gold Fix Good Faith Estimate
Goodwill Gore Lot
Government Loan (Mortgage) Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae)
Government Survey System GPM
Grace Period Grace Period Provision
Graduated-Equity Mortgage (Gem) Graduated-Payment Mortgage
Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM) Grandfathered Activities
Grant Grantee
Grantor Greenbelt
Gross Gross Income
Gross Margin Gross National Product (Gnp)
Gross Operating Income Gross Savings
Gross Yield Ground Lease
Ground Rent Growing Equity Mortgage
Growth Stock Guarantee
Guaranteed Loan Guaranteed Student Loan
Guarantor Guaranty
Guardian Guardian Account


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