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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


Earned Income Earnest Money
Earnest Money Deposit Earning Assets
Earning Power Earnings
Earnings-Based Accounts Earnings Per Share
Easement Econometric Model
Economic Depreciation Economic Life
Economic Rent Economics
Edge Act Corporation EDP
EDS Eds/Sacs/Roe
Education Loan EEO
Effective Age Effective Rate
Efficiency Apartment EFTS
Egress EIC
EIFT Ekistics
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (Eftps) Electronic Funds Transfer Systems (Efts)
Elevation Drawing Eminent Domain
Employee Stock Option Plan (Esop) Encroachment
Encumber Encumbrance
End Loan Endorse
Endorsee Endorsement
Endorser Entrepreneur
Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) Equitable Mortgage
Equitable Right Of Redemption Equity
Equity Capital Equity Financing
Equity Investment Equity Loan
Equity Multiplier Equity Partnership
ERISA Errors And Omissions Insurance
Escalator Clause Escape Clause
Escheat Escrow
Escrow Account Escrow Agent
Escrow Analysis Escrow Closing
Escrow Company Escrow Disbursements
ESOP Estate
Estate Tax Estoppel
Estoppel Certificate Et Tuxor
Eurobond Eurodollars
Eviction Ex-Post Facto Law
Exam Council Examination
Examination Data System (Eds) Examination Of Title
Examiner Exception
Excess Loan Servicing Exchange
Exclusive Listing Exclusive Right To Sell
Exculpatory Clause Executor
Executrix Exercise Price
Expenses Expire
Export Working Capital Program (Ewcp) Expropriation
Extended Coverage Endorsement  


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