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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


DAF Daily Interest Account
De Facto De Jure
De-Leveraged Bonds De Novo
Dead Load Dealer
Dealer Paper Debenture
Debit Debit Card
Debt Debt Capital
Debt Financing Debt Investment
Debt Service Debt Service Constant
Debt-To-Income Ratio Debt To Total Assets Ratio
Debtee Debtor
Decedent Declaration Of Condominium Ownership
Declining Balance Declining Balance Depreciation Method
Decree Of Foreclosure And Sale Dedication
Deed Deed Given To Secure A Debt
Deed-In-Lieu Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure
Deed Of Trust Deed Restriction
Defalcation Default
Defeasance Clause Defense Loan And Tecnical Assistance Program (Delta)
Deferred Expense Deferred Income
Deferred Loan Deficiency Judgment
Deficit Deflation
Defunct Delinquency
Delinquency Rate Delinquent Loan
Delivery Demand Deposit Account
Demand Note/Demand Mortgage Denomination
Density Department Of Housing And Urban Development (HUD)
Deposit Depositary
Deposition Depositor
Depository Depository Institution
Depository Institutions Deregulation Committee (Didc) Depreciation
Depreciation Schedule Depressed Mortgage
Derivative Mortgage Product Detached House
Developer Development Loan
Differential Dime
Direct Deposit Direct Investment
Direct Placement Direct Reduction Mortgage
Director Directorate
Directors' And Officers (D&O) Insurance Disaster Assistance Loan Program
Disburse Disbursement
Disclosure Statements Discount
Discount Brokerage Discount Certificates
Discount Interest Rate Discount Loan
Discount Notes Discount Points
Discount Rate Discount Window
Discretionary Income Dishonored Check
Disintermediation Displacement
Disposable Income Dispossess
District Bank Diversification
Divestiture Divided Interest
Dividend D&O
Docket Number Document
Documentary Stamp DOE
Dollar Dollar Bond
Dollar Reverse Repurchase Agreement Domicile
Donee Donor
Dormant Account Double-Decker Thrift
Double Entry Doubtful
Dough Dow Jones Industrial Average
Dower Down And Out
Down Payment Draft
Draw Drawee
Drawer Drive-In Window
DTHC Dual-Banking System
Dual Index Note Due Bill
Due Care Due Date
Due Diligence Due-on-Sale
Due-On-Sale Clause Due-On-Sale Provision
Dun Duplex
Dutch Auction Dwelling Unit


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