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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


Cadastral Map Caip - Community Adjustment And Investment Program
Call Call Loans
Call Option Call Price
Call Protection Call Provision
Call Report Calling Officer
CAMELS Canadian Rollover Mortgage
Canceled Check Canceled Loan
C&D Cap
Capacity Capacity To Repay
Capital Capital Asset
Capital Directive Capital Expenditure
Capital Gain Or Loss Capital Improvement
Capital Market Capital Plan
Capital Stock Capitalism
Capitalization Capitalization Rate
Capitalize Capitalized Property
Caplines Loan Program Carrying Charges
Carrying Costs Cash
Cash Basis Accounting Cash Conversion Cycle
Cash Discount Cash Flow
Cash Flow Statement Cash Investment
Cash Market Cash-Out Merger
Cash-Out Refinance Cashier's Check
Cashwire Caveat
Caveat Emptor Caveat Subscriptor (Or Caveat Venditor)
CDI Cease And Desist Order
Cent Centare (CA)
CEO Certificate
Certificate Account Certificate Of Claim
Certificate Of Competency - Coc Certificate Of Completion
Certificate Of Deposit Certificate Of Deposit (Cd)
Certificate Of Deposit Index Certificate Of Eligibility
Certificate Of Occupancy Certificate Of Reasonable Value (CRV)
Certificate Of Title Certification(s) Or Qualification(s) Requirememts(s)
Certified 8(A) Firm Certified Check
Certified Development Company - Cdc Certified Lender Program - Clp
Certified Public Accountant (Cpa) Certified Thrift Regulator (Ctr)
CFTC Chain
Chain Of Title Change
Change Order Character
Charge Charge Account
Charge-Off Charged Off Loan
Charter Chattel
Chattel Mortgage Check
Check Credit Check Truncation
Checking Account Christmas Club Account
Churning CIIS
Circuit Breaker Classification Of Assets
Classified Assets Classified Loan
Clear Title Clearing Account
Clearing House Clearing Member
Clifford Trust Close-End Credit
Closed-End Mortgage Closed Loan
Closed Period Closing
Closing Costs Closing Price
Closing Statement Cloud
Cloud On Title Clp - Certified Lender Program
Club Account Cluster Zoning
CMR Cmrs - Commercial Market Reprsentatives
CMT Co-Borrower
co-mortgagor Co-Signer
COB Coc - Certificate Of Competency
Collar Collateral
Collateral Document Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (Cmo)
Collection Collection Policy
Commercial Bank Commercial Loan
Commercial Mortgage Loan Commercial Paper
Commission Commitment
Commitment Fee Commitment Letter
Committee On Uniform Securities Identification Procedures (Cusip) Commodities Futures
Commodity Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Cftc)
Common Area Common Area Assessments
Common Areas Common Law
Common Stock Community Adjustment And Investment Program (Caip)
Community Express Community Investment Program
Community Property Community Reinvestment Act Of 1977 (Cra)
Comparable Sales Compensating Balance
Compliance Exam Compliance Period
Compound Interest Compromise
Comptroller Of The Currency (Occ) Condemnation
Conditional Endorsement Condominium
Condominium Conversion Condominium Hotel
Conduit Confession Of Judgment
Confidential Individual Information System (Ciis) Conflict Of Interest
Conforming Loan Congregate Housing
Consent Merger Agreement Conservator
Conservatorship Consideration
Consignee Consignment
Consignor Consolidate
Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (Csma) Consolidated Obligations
Consolidation Consolidation Loan
Consortium Constant Dollars
Constant Payment Construction Loan
Consumer Credit Consumer Handbook On Adjustable Rate Mortgages (C.H.A.R.M.)
Consumer Price Index Contingency
Contingency Fund Contingent Liability
Continuing Examination File Contra
Contra Asset Contract
Contract Assistance For Women Business Owners - Cawbo Contract For Deed
Contracting Contracting Officer
Controller Controlling Person
Conventional Loan Conventional Mortgage
Convergence Conversion
Convertible Convertible ARM
Convertible Mortgage Convexity
Convey Conveyance
COO Cooperative Banks
Cooperative (Co-Op) Core Capital
Core Deposit Intangibles Core Deposits
Corner Lot Corporation
Corporator Corporeal Property
Correspondent Bank Cost
Cost Accounting Cost Approach To Value
Cost Basis Cost-Effective
Cost Of Funds Cost Of Funds Index (COFI)
Cost-Plus Contract Counterfeit
Counterparty Countersignature
Coupon Coupon Bond
Coupon Book Coupon Rate
Court Court Of Equity
Covenant Covenant Not To Compete
Covenants Covered Assets
CRA Cramdown
Credit Credit Bureau
Credit Card Credit Crunch
Credit History Credit Life Insurance
Credit Period Credit Policy
Credit Rating Credit Report
Credit Repository Credit Risk
Credit Standards Advisory Committee (Csac) Credit Union
Creditor Criticized Assets
Cubage Cul De Sac
Culpeper Switch Currency
Current Assets Current Ratio
Current Value Accounting Curtailments
CUSIP Cusip Number
Custodial Gift Custodian
Customer Draft Customer Targeting


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