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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


Back Office Bad Debt Reserve
Bad Debts Balance
Balance Sheet Balloon Mortgage
Balloon Payment Baltimore Plan
Bank Bank Check
Bank Draft Bank Insurance Fund (Bif)
Bank Merger Act (Bma) Bank Note
Bank Protection Act Of 1968 Banker's Acceptance
Banker's Bill Banking Act Of 1933
Bankruptcy Bankwire
Basel Agreement Baseline Program
Basic Rent Basis
Basis Point Basket Provision
Bauverein Bear Hug
Bear Market Bearer Bond
Bearer Check Before-Tax-Income
Belly-Up Below-Market Interest Rate
Belvedere Benchmark
Beneficiary Beneficiary Statement
Bequeath Bequest
Berm Best And Final Offer
Bid Bid Bond
BIF Bilevel
Bill Check Bill Of Credit
Bill Of Exchange Bill Of Lading
Bill Of Sale Binary
Binder Biweekly Mortgage
Blanket Blanket Mortgage Loan
Blighted Area Block
Blockbusting Blue Chip Stock
BMA Board Foot
Board Of Directors Board Of Trustees
Bogus Boilerplate
Bona Fide Bond
Bond Discount Bond Market
Bond Premium Bonus Account
Book Entry System Book Value
Bookkeeping Borrower
Branch Office Breach
Breakeven Point Brick
Bricks And Mortar Bridge Loan
Broker Brokered Deposits
Budget Buffer Zone
Building And Loan Association Building Codes
Building Efficiency Building Loan
Building Society Built-Ins
Bulge Bull Market
Bungalow Bureau Rate
Business Birth Business Concern
Business Death Business Dissolution
Business Failure Business Plan
Business Start Businesslinc
Buy Buy-Back Agreement
Buy Down Buy On Margin
Buy-Sell Agreement Buydown
Buyer's Market Buying Hedge
Buying Power Bylaws


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