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Loan and Mortgage Terms Glossary


ABA Aba Number
Abatement Above Par
Absentee Landlord Absolute Title
Abstract Of Title ACB
Accelerated Amortization Accelerated Depreciation
Acceleration Clause Acceptance
Access Access Savings Account
Accommodation Accommodation Check
Account Account Hold
Accountant Accounting
Accounting Equation Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable Accrual Basis Accounting
Accrue Accrued Expense
Accrued Interest ACH
Acid Ratio Acquisition
Acquisition Credit Acquisition, Development And Construction (Adc) Loan
Acquisition Discount Acquisition Loan
ACSSS Actual Thrift Investment Percentage (Atip)
Actuals Ad Valorem Taxes
ADC Add-On Interest
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Adjusted Basis
Adjustment Date Administrative Law
Administrative Law Judge Advance
Advance Package Adverse Opinion
Adverse Possession AF
AFBA Affidavit
Affiliated Company Affiliated Person
Affirmative Lending Affordable Housing Program
Agencies Agency Basis
Agency Issues Agent
Air Lot Air Rights
Air Space Alienate
ALJ All Savers Certificate
ALLL Alternative Mortgage Instruments (Ati)
Amenities Amenity
American Bankers Association (Aba) American Council Of State Savings Supervisors (Acsss)
American Savings And Loan League America's Community Bankers
AMMINET Amortization
Amortization Schedule Amortizing Swap
Ancillary Bond Annual Cap
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Annual Report
Annuity ANPR
Apartment Appellant
Appellee Application
Applications Tracking System (Ats) Appraisal
Appraised Equity Capital Appraised Value
Appraiser Appreciation
Appurtenance APR
Arbitrage ARD
Arm's Length Transaction ARP
Arrears ASB
ASC Asked Price
Assessed Valuation Assessed Value
Assessment Assessment Rolls
Assessor Asset
Asset/Liability Management Asset Turnover
Assignee Assignment
Assignment Of Rents Assignor
Assisted Merger Associate Broker
Assumable Mortgage Assumption
Assumption Fee At The Market
At The Money Option ATI
ATS Attached House
Attachment Attest
Attractive Nuisance Auction
Audit Automated Clearing House (Ach)
Automated Teller Machine (Atm) Automatic Deposit
Automatic Transfer Service (Ats) Account Average Rate Of Return


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