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Advice on Online Direct Finance Auto Loans

Advice on Applying for an Auto Loan Online:

Getting financing for your new vehicle purchase can be very fast and easy. Getting an auto loan online is done without going through the dealer; this is known as direct financing. By getting a loan without using the dealer it can often give you more leverage when negotiating the price of your vehicle instead of having the dealer trying to pressure you with special financing offers. Getting a loan online in advance will also speed up the process of buying a car.

Online Direct Financing Advantages:

Many online lenders have a lot less overhead and make a lower profit on each loan so their interest rates are often lower than you can get from a dealer (except for special promotional financing offers that dealers run). Most lenders do not charge an application fee or require a down payment. Getting a direct finance auto loan from an online source also gives you better account management features than most dealers. Instead of financing through an automaker’s own finance company you are dealing with a company that specializes in only financial services, hence you end up with a broader range of account management features.

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